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Our Dedicated Team

Physical, occupational, and speech therapists on the committed team at Total Therapy collaborate to offer specialized therapy services that are tailored to the specific requirements and objectives of each client. Our dedication, knowledge, and top-notch customer service are the cornerstones of the business' success.

Office Manager


Bethany graduated from Southeastern University in 2007 with a degree in Business Management. She coordinates and schedules therapy services for all of our families.



Tracy graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University and has over 20 years experience working in a variety of pediatric settings including home health, clinic and hospital.  She has worked with children with many different disorders and disabilities, including developmental delays, autism, sensory processing disorder, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, brachial plexus injury, dysgraphia and many other neurological and orthopedic diagnoses.Tracy has certifications in Autism treatments, Therapeutic Listening and Kinesiotaping. 

Speech Language Pathologist

Jennifer, M.S. CCC-SLP

Jennifer graduated from the University of South Florida with a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology. She completed her thesis in Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Since then she served as an augmentative specialist for Tampa General Hospital and continues to specialize in the area. Jennifer has special interest in the area of Sensory Processing Disorder and oral motor/feeding. She has completed several courses in the areas of sensory integration therapy and techniques, oral/motor feeding disorders, AAC, Language and Reading Therapy, as well as Central Auditory Processing Disorder and Executive Functioning Disorder. Her most recent Certification is in Therapeutic Listening. Jennifer is also a member of the American Hippotherapy Association.

Physical Therapist

Megan, MPT

Megan Dearborn graduated from the University of St. Augistine with a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy. She has over 20 years of experince in pediatrics.  Megan primarily works with ages birth to three years.  Megan has training in Neurodevelopmental Techniques and hypotonia.  She treats a variety of neurological, genetic and orthopedic diagnoses and developmental delays. Megan works closely with families to demonstrate and facilitate gross motor development. 

Physical Therapist

Whitney, MPT

Whitney Howard graduated from University of St. Augustine with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and has over 20 years of experience in pediatrics.  She has worked with Early Intervention (ages birth to three years) and with preschool and school age children throughout her career.  Whitney has training in PediatricIntensive/Therasuit and enjoys implementing those principles into her practice.    She has treated a variety of neurological and orthopedic diagnoses and developmental delays and has significant experience recommending and ordering therapeutic equipment and orthotics/splints to assist in meeting therapeutic outcomes.  She loves to empower families to work with their children in order to maximize gross motor skill development. 

Aside from being a physical therapist, Whitney is a wife and mother to two daughters.  She enjoys musical theatre, jogging, and photography. 

Speech Language Pathologist

Lindsay, M.A. CCC-SLP

Lindsay graduated with a Master’s degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Florida in 2011. Since then, she has gained valuable clinical experience evaluating and treating a variety of communication disorders in outpatient hospital and private practice settings. Lindsay has special interest in the area of motor speech disorders, including stuttering and childhood apraxia of speech. She also enjoys working with the birth to three population, helping kids reach their full potential by utilizing a parent coaching model within the Early Steps Program. She holds certifications from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) as well as The Hanen Centre.

Speech Language Pathologist

Elisabeth, M.S. CCC-SLP

Graduating from Florida State University with her Master’s degree she has worked in both the school system and private practice setting. Elisabeth has worked with children and adults with a variety of disorders and disabilities, including autism, developmental delay, apraxia, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, Asperger’s, and articulation difficulties.

Early Interventions

Kristina, B.A. ITDS

Kristina graduated with her Bachelor's degree from DePauw University's Master of Education program. With over 15 years of working with ages Birth-3, Kristina uses her knowledge to help children in the Early Steps program achieve their greatest potential. By coaching the caregiver, and using a team approach with the other therapists at total Therapy, she is able to address global development and provide support in all areas of concern, including behavior. 

Speech Language Pathologist

Marlena, M.S. CCC-SLP

Marlena received her Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of South Florida. Since then she has been serving the 0-3 population in their natural environments. She enjoys working with young children and their families. She completed extensive continuing education in the area of childhood Apraxia and treatment options.

Early Interventions

Jenny, B.A. ITDS

Jenny is an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist. She works with children and families in their natural environment settings. Jenny is committed to improving children’s development by maximizing teachable moments within daily routines and using a team-based approach. Jenny graduated from Bay Path College, Longmeadow, MA with her BA in Psychology with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. She has 20 years experience working as a teacher in both preschool and Kindergarten. 

Speech Language Pathologist

Laura, M.ED. CCC-SLP

Laura graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She has treated the pediatric and adult populations in the areas of autism, developmental apraxia, dysphagia, fluency, oralfacial myology and feeding/swallowing disorders.

Early Interventions

Aeryn, B.A. ITDS

Aeryn is an Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist and has 7 years of experience providing Early Intervention services through the Bay Area Early Steps program. Aeryn received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida. She has a background in child development with experience teaching preschool, as well as working with families. She enjoys working with families to help their children reach their full potential.

Speech Language Pathologist

Hannah, M.S. CCC-SLP

Hannah received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from USF. She also compled her Master’s in Speech Language Pathology at the University of South Florida. She works as an SLP and ITDS. She has a special interest in the area of Early Intervention and enjoys working to increase language and overall development in the birth to three population.

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